Zoe the Zero – 1

I have a PiZero.

I have my eyes on a fantastic frame, ESC, motor, prop kit due for release in December at less than £100 (speculative) – more on that when it’s available.

How could I resist bringing Zoe back.  First step is a new custom PCB designed for the Drotek 10DOF MPU-9250 + MS5611 breakout. Here’s my sketch to be Eagled and made.

Zoe the Zero PCB layout sketch

Zoe the Zero PCB layout sketch

I’ll keep blogging “Zoe the Zero” posts, as there’s plenty to do prior to the frame being released onto the market.  And no, I will not be naming that frame until I have one in my grubby hands given the madness of the PiZero release.

Please don’t start your build based on this set of blogs until I’m complete; I’ll be updating the blog each time I achieve the next step successfully, and at any point, one of those steps may go very wrong. Also do consider other costs before you start – while the PiZero and frame together should be less than £100, there’s probably another £100 in battery, charger and PCB build costs. Oh, and the net result is still just a semi-autonomous quadcopter – only as good as Phoebe is currently – caveat emptor.

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