You can keep your hat on

Chlöe (A+) wearing nothing but her Raspberry Beret*.

Voici Chloé, nu à l'exception de son béret

Voici Chloé, nu à l’exception de son béret

She’s awaiting some clothes from Pimoroni.

*Thanks to “Prince” for the great tag line – so glad he stopped being sqiggle!

6 thoughts on “You can keep your hat on

    • Prototype board is my design – based on B+ board layout – official HAT design hadn’t been released at that point, so it’s missing gaps for CSI, DSI and EEPROM. Ivan Zilic (Flyfish Technologies) tidied it up and got it made for me. I’ve got 8 left from my original batch of 10 so can spare a couple plus connectors if you like? Just e-mail me your address and I’ll send them.

      • Andy, that board needs to go into production immediately. It’s exactly what I (and everyone else) wants, please, for their Zumo robot, garage door opener, central heating controller… if you can get the price point below a tenner they’d sell like hot cakes.

        • I paid €43 for a batch of 10! Even with connectors and 11mm standoffs, that’s well under £10 + P&P. The only reason I haven’t opened them up to the market is I designed the PCB before the official HAT board spec. was released but the Model B+ board details had – so this board fits perfectly with GPIO pins and standoff holes, but lacks slots for CSI / DSI and the ID EEPROM.

          Oh, and the fact I didn’t want to spend money I didn’t have for a larger batch that I didn’t know if they’d sell.

          If I did another batch, I’d add another power rail for 3.3V – I only need 5v and GND for my sensors / ESC connectors. Additionally there’s one of the breadboard tracks that touches the standoff bolt holes that I need to remove.

          I’ve still got a couple I can spare so I’ll bring them to the Jam with connectors & standoff posts for you.

        • I couldn’t match that without doing a large batch at peanuts profit, and that’s just not worth my time.

          If you do want couple of my non-conformist boards, I’m happy to bring them along to the Jam – they’ll cost you the same as the Jam tickets 😉

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