Winter wonderland?

Yes, based upon my walk to the next village shop along a bridleway this morning:

Winter wonderland 1

Winter wonderland 1

Winter wonderland 2

Winter wonderland 2

Sadly no, based on flying Hermione in the park shortly after I got back from my walk:

GPS gave 15 samples corresponding well with the lateral flight time.  However the stats showed it still had 4 meters to reach the first waypoint when I aborted the flight.  I’m not clear as to the cause of this; perhaps how GPS prerecorded the waypoints verses how it then flew towards them?

On the plus point, she

  • flew well at 1m/s despite the reduced contrast for the down-facing video
  • was heading in the right direction.

On the downside, due to weather, start of kids’ school holidays, and Christmas, this may turn out to be my last flight in 2017!

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