Who’s been eating my porridge?

We’ve been leaving some cat biscuits in our garage for a homeless cat that’s adopted up.

And at the same time, the separate hedgehog food bowl in the garden was no longer visited.

And here’s why, as provided by the PIR motion detector + RaspiCam NoIR:

Ginge, our adoptee

Ginge, our adoptee

One of the 'hogs

One of the ‘hogs

86 photos were taken last night; the camera takes shots once a minute once movement is detected; we definitely has 3 clear visits from the stray cat, and regular hedgehog visits over the course of 6 hours suggesting more than one hog is feeding here.

I need to install the brighter IR LEDs that I bought to get better pictures.  Once we’re back from Devon perhaps as long as Phoebe is behaving well enough for the CamJam.

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