White WAP

All that’s required to get Zoe running on a post May 2016 kernel is to disable the new method of configuring interfaces:

sudo apt-get remove dhcpd5
sudo apt-get remove raspberrypi-net-modes

The just follow the standard instructions being careful about which driver you point hostapd at for your WiFi adapter.

‘m not going to give full instructions for how I switched Zoe’s WAP on as they are mostly unchanged from last time.

Only two minor changes were required:

  1. In /etc/network/interfaces, comment out the section related to wlan0.
  2. In /etc/dhcpcd.conf add
    interface wlan0
    static ip_address=
    static routers=
    static domain_name_servers=

With this, I could connect to Zoe from my iPad – the iPad was assigned an IP address in the range configured in udhcpd.conf so I took her outside for a flight.  It was rather jittery compared to how she flew prior to the move to Jessie lite so I have some investigation to do there, but I don’t think it can be WAP related.

One oddity that remains, and that’s gating me on investigating the above is that although the iPad connects perfect, neither my PC nor my main Raspberry Pi connect – the WiFi connection is fine, but (I think) no IP address is assigned by udhcpd, which means extracting diagnostics is hard to download.  More digging required.

Further investigation reveals that the iPad is working because it has a static IP address configured for accessing Zoe; The PC and other Raspberry Pi don’t work because the DHCP server (udhcpd) is not running when it should be. I have no idea why, so for the moment, I’ve reverted Zoe to the January release of Jessie. Very frustrating 🙁

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