What’s next

The turtle in its basic form is working, though there are some minor tweaks I’d like to make just to finish it off:

  • add some feedback to the CLI from the turtle that the command has been accepted and will be / has been processed
  • add some queueing of commands in the turtle so commands can be fed faster than turtle can react
  • add limited sight to allow the turtle to follow a line

These will allow me to refine my Python further and also work out how GPIO inputs work.

From there I have two projects in mind; both will probably entail coding in C for speed purposes:

  • add speech recognition to the turtlecli by creating my own voice + speech recognition. ┬áThis will be hard. ┬áThe various steps involves are
    • digitizing audio from a microphone
    • cropping / filtering the data to clean and unify it across different voices
    • performing fast fourier transforms over the input to create frequency vs volume graphs
    • cutting those into segments to produce phoneme samples
    • build up a dictionary of phonemes using Markov model to contruct trees of phonemes which represent the command works
    • build phone pattern recognition to match incoming data streams against the disctionary
    • act upon the results
    • The dictionary itself will have to cover all the phonemes broken out of a limited sample of CLI words: move, turn, swing, anti, clock, wise, one – nine, ten – ninety, hundred – that’s a lot of teaching
    • At first this seemed a challenge but now my excitement is waning since it’s primarily a coding project (other than the microphone and A/D converter into the GPIO input), and it’s gonna be harder than the self-satisfaction will warrant
  • on the other hand, a Quadcopter plays much more to my childish enthusiasm and challenges and I’m already doing in-depth investigation:
    • 5 RPis perform the function of the central controller and the 4 electronic speed controllers (ESC) devices controlling each propeller motor.
    • The central controller (QuadraCoPi) communites via WiFi to the 4 others (the ESCnPis) providing feedback for motor speeds based upon GPS, Gyroscope and Altimeter feeds
    • The central controller also has a WiFi connection to the equivalent to the turtlecli to provide directional commands.
    • Now that excites me hugely, though it will take some time, so don’t hold your breath, but do pop by occasionally to see how things go.

For now though, adios, au revoir, ciao, auf widersehen and ta ta.



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