What the piDrone saw…

What the piDrone say

What the piDrone say

Here’s the piDrone’s stats of what the RC sent it, and it’s spot on – I just used the RC to take-off, hover, and land.  However, Zoe misbehaved as she always does, and it was chaotic from my point-of-view.  I really need to sort this out with her, but for the moment I have enough confidence now to run the RC past Hermione the next time the amazing-weather and my free-time come together again.  Hopefully a video anon.

A quick run this morning over a colourful picnic mat showed Zoe works beautifully using an autonomous hover, yet with the RC, was all over the place even during the automatic take-off phase; there’s either a crass bug or Zoe can’t cope with the extra input from the RC.  More digging before I try this on Hermione.

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