Virtual-turtle photos

Just a couple of shots showing the set up of my virtual turtle.

The RPi itself is a B, 256MB RAM, not made in Britain. I have two GB ones on order to offset my guilt! It’s powered from the USB port – I went for a good one (11 ports, mains powered) to limit the number of cables & wiring I had. RPi is running 2012-09-18-Wheezy, and that has worked beautifully with the Edimax Wi-Fi dongle, which is relatively cheap, tiny and works well!

My overall setup

My “workspace”

Here you can see in a bit more detail, the GPIO port wiring – note the LEDs / breadboards are powered from the 3.3v output from the GPIO port – hence my choice of a quality USB port to power the RPi

RPi, 74HC595, +LED simulated stepper motor coils

The setup of the virtual turtle, with yellow LEDs representing the left stepper motor coils, and red representing the right

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