Vibration damping

So if I can’t get the sampling up to 1kHz to average out vibration, perhaps I can do more to suppress the vibration physically before it gets to the sensors?  Currently just 3mm foam tape sticking the Raspberry Pi to the frame is all there is.  I’ve tinkered with additional vibration suppression in the past but gave up as there were much bigger problems to deal with.

And then just the other day, I stumbled on this site and a cunning plan hatched.

The idea is that the physical strength of the frame lies between the top plate and the top of each arm with 4 bolts per arm.  But the Raspberry Pi and sensor Beret sit on the lower plate with 2 bolts per arm.  If I could put vibration damping between the lower plate and the lower side of each arm, vibrations from the motors could be damped before reaching the Beret / sensors.

Vibration Damping

Vibration Damping

I already have the upper solution using rubber dampers from my previous attempt at vibration damping, but I prefer the lower solution using the silicone gel grommets.

Just one problem: both rely on M3 bolts, but the DJI Flamewheel F450 frame as used by Phoebe uses M2.5 bolts.  ‘Luckily’, the T-motor extension arms as used by Chloe use M3 bolts.

The only downside is that to save cash, I need to splice Phoebe and Chloe together – Chloë’s hardware mind melds with Phoebe’s software and electronics to make a hybrid for which I don’t have a suitable name – any ideas?

P.S. Zoë = Phoebe + Chloë; // my best choice so far.

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