ublox NEO-M8T first impressions…

are far from impressive 🙁

I bought it as I thought it had the broadest set of satellite sources it could read, combined with EMI protection, and a large antenna. The first test was simply to see how many satellites it could find, and it has failed this test magnificently.  After 4 days of testing, running for several hours each day, the most it’s found is 9 (briefly) and normally it’s around 6 or 7.  In contrast, Hermione’s current GPS reader consistently got 9 today (the minimum level for high quality tracking) and my DJI Mavic got 13!

The major problem with this is there’s nothing I can do about it – you just plug it in and read it; there’s no configuration I can tweak or play with.  Oh, and the fact it cost over £100 and the £40 from Amazon is better.

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