Top-side of beef

I’ve retired Phoebe in order to move her HoG onto Chloe, her bigger, beefier sister in  preparation for the arrival of the 2D 360° Scanse KickStart LiDAR at the end of the year.  I know that’s very premature but on the other hand PPPPPPP*.



There are some benefits before the end of the year: Chloe has longer, taller arms, which means I can fit the battery between her top and bottom plates, and move the HoG onto the top-plate, and eventually also the LiDAR.  That keeps the topside lower profile to protect the LiDAR and the weight distribution safe.  Also because Chloe uses more powerful motors and props, I expect she’ll have no problem managing her new LiDAR cargo.  I’ve put together a LID (LiDAR Installation Disk) to protect Chloe’s HoG short term and (as the name suggests) support the LiDAR eventually.

As always, this transition turned out to be a right PITA: the IMU died in transit – it just was invisible to i2cdetect – a spare Zero IMU PCB worked fine though so I’ve had to replace the IMU on the HoG – a right faff of desoldering the old and resoldering the new;  In addition the old ESCs weren’t behaving well either, I think due to being opto and needing 5V which my last PCB gave it but which the newer one didn’t, so new ESCs, and lots of soldering.

I took her for a flight this morning which was disappointing to say the least

  • constant left drift like Phoebe, yet with different sensors.
  • without LEDDAR, Chloe continues to rise during the hover phase; with LEDDAR, she climbs to the correct hover height, but shortly after the transit to hover, modbus communication fail, and Chloe drops from the sky as a protective measure.

I don’t understand any of these yet, so I have some serious sleeping to do to provide me one of my Eureka moments.

*Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

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