To infinity and beyond!

But where exactly to go next, now that the TurtlePi is essentially rolling on command? I’ve got some lego tinkering and some polishing of the python to do, but that’s it. Or is it?…

  • I’m starting to build up a order with my favourite electronic suppliers to assemble the electronics necessary for home grown voice / speech recognition, so I can boss the turtle around verbally
  • I’d considered Quadracopters as my Pi in the Sky project, but that’s living up to its name requiring cashflow.
  • In the meantime, I seem to have acquired an excess of RPis so I’m waiting to see the Pi Screen for use as a portable media player; the other as yet has no role to play.

For the moment though, it’s voice recognition using a 12 bit ADC, via the SPI bus to the Pi, and then all I have to do is to invent my own version of voice / speech recognition algorithms. Voice first (who is talking?), and then speech (what are they saying?). Certainly the latter will likely be dictionary based upon teaching / caching the Turtle commands for everyone who wants to use it. But first, I want to get the electronics and SPI bus working – that’s the stuff I love most.

Finally, when I finally finish fine tuning, I’ll see if I can get a video up here.


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