The only way is up, baby, for you and me now…

only trouble is, the lovely English summer has definitely gone now, and the renowned drizzly English Autumn has taken hold.

I still need to sort out fast safe, autonomous take-off by the drone, and there seems to be little advice out there since everyone has an RC which they hold up to full power, and then release to hover once it’s in the right place.  I could do that in the code, but it feels a bit clunky; I’d rather use the vertical acceleration / speed PIDs, and that’s what I’ve been tinkering with in the padded cell test environment, but the results of the limited testing showed either very slow takeoff resulting in yaw, or pogo-stick / trampoline takeoff which made me giggle but were also unacceptable in reality.  The net result of both was a crash due to the drone reaching the end of its tether.

So it’s outside I must go for untethered take-off landing testing.  Hence there may be some delay in any exciting updates as once more the weather has final say.

On the plus side, all this rain is softening up the concrete like soil in the garden, meaning it’s much better for the drone’s inevitable violent crashes!


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