The Canada Geese are flying North

No, it’s not a secret code word; great flocks of geese are flying daily over my house in V-formation, honking all the way.  It’s a magnificent site to see if you can stand the noise.  Around where I live there are many artificial lakes resulting from surface gravel mining a condition of which is that when finished, each mine is rebuild as a lake to attract the wildlife, including the geese.

Anyway, their migration up north is a true sign of Autumn, and the weather maker has taken the hint, and the wind-speeds are up in the teens again.  Which is annoying as I need to get the camera motion working smoothly outside before I can bring it inside for inclement weather testing.

Since the embarrassing  flight from the other day, I’ve made 2 changes:

  1. I’ve added complementary filters for vertical and lateral motion sensor velocity and distance inputs from the camera and LEDDAR – previously I was directly overriding the integrated IMU values, and this is the most likely cause (IMHO) of the poor flight quality.
  2. I’ve ordered a multi-coloured picnic blanket which hopefully will make the job of the macro-block code much easier compared to the high-resolution green-grass it’s previously used.

I am also considering increasing the video resolution (320 x 320) and frame rate (10Hz) up to 480 x 480 or 640 x 640 @ 20Hz. But there’s a balance here to ensure the this still allows enough spare time for the processing of the IMU sensors coming in at 100Hz.

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