Test flight with new angles

I took Phoebe out to try the new angles code in a small window between torrential rain and winds gusting to over 20mph.  The weather made it hard to draw any solid conclusions, but certainly her behaviour was no worse than prior to the new code.  She took off and hovered at a fixed height, but with some lateral drift that looked like she was correcting, albeit slowly.  So it’s definitely worth further testing on a day with better weather conditions.

Next step will be to collect flight diagnostics to see whether what I see happening matches what her sensors believe is happening; this’ll give real evidence whether the new way of calculating angles is better without the complementary filter for removing accelerometer noise, and whether the use of the low-noise gyro for angle increments results in better readings for lateral and vertical drift matching what’s happening in the real world.

Looks like Thursday is predicted to have the conditions I’m looking for.  Fingers crossed.

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