Taking a break, literally.

Sometimes, Phoebe’s rear left motors doesn’t spin up.  Repeat immediately, and it spins up just fine.  Sadly, when it fails to spin (undetectable by Phoebe), the result is a flip over that back-left corner, and smashing upside down into the ground.

That’s just happened, breaking another 10 x 3.3 prop.  I’m out of spares, and nobody in the UK appears to have stock.  I think I’m stuck for a while.  Still the drift control was improving with each run, prior to this.  It was becoming increasing effective throughout the whole flight – take-off, hover and landing after a minor bug fix I made yesterday.  Oh well, gotta look on the bright side.

P.S. I now have a race on between Spain, Greece and the US to deliver me replacement / spare props.  Given they are rare as hens’ teeth here in the UK, I’m sure I can ebay the excess at the going rate.

Race update: Greece is in the lead, with Spain close behind.  Greece is using TNT, while Spain is using the national equivalent of 1st class international postal service with tracking.  More news as it breaks.

Race update: Oh no, Greece’s entry has been sabotaged by TNT using the wrong post code – it’s only a mile wrong but will the driver have the nouse to work this out?  Only time will tell.

Race update: US has also now joined the running, using a priority international carrier to catch back up with Spain and Greece – it’s impossible to say at the moment what the end results could be!

Race update: Greece are the winners, delivering the props in under 24 hours – thank you multicopter.gr!

Race update: Spain comes in a respectable second, delivering in a week  – thank you stockrc.com!

Race update: USA comes in an embarrassing 3rd though not their fault: 7 days to reach uk customs, and 10 days for them to get of their lazy bums to get it to me.  Thanks Go Nitro Hobbies for trying your best, sorry the UK postal service let you down.

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