Outdoor test flight #1…

stayed firmly grounded: it just needed some tweaking of various parameters which should have only taken a few minutes, but then came a new problem: I couldn’t actually get a stable WiFi connection to the drone via SSH despite the WAP being only a couple of feet away.  I think I need to consider my antenna.

So I’ve chosen a new USB WiFi dongle and antenna base but to fit the antenna physically to the drone is another problem to be resolved.  To cut a long story short, the antenna is going to be dangling down between the legs of the drone (phnarr phnarr for any Viz readers).  And to do that will required a bit of remodelling how the breadboard attached to the shelf between the legs.  Which leads me to the point of this post: pictures of the breadboard layout so I know how to rebuild the circuits with the new antenna layout.

Drone breadboard v2

Drone breadboard V2

P.S. Look very closely and you’ll see a small wire hiding under the muRata switching regulator – it’s there so the V+ & GND are only separated by 0.1″ which matches the connector spacing from the battery.