The Last Post…

…on the EU referendum results.  I simply feel the need to inform Brexiters that they were conned and lied to.  It emerged almost immediately on Friday morning that Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove had lied that they would fix  immigration and fund the NHS.  Don’t believe me, I’m obviously biassed.  But do google for yourself, and form your own opinions about these three fraudsters.

And then, Brexiters, if you do feel conned, write to your MP, and sign the petition to make your opinion clear.

OK, that’s it on politics from me, back to quadcopters.

Dear Remainers and Brexiters alike,

The referendum still needs to be approved in Parliament. We can still stop the process.

Please put aside your personal concerns and consider the impact this will have on today’s youth and generations to come.  The youth voted to remain in the EU – it’s they that we, their parents, guardians, grandparents and family, have failed if we leave the EU.

The majority of MPs are Remainers. Please write to your MPs to ask them put the future of our kids and the youth of today ahead of their personal wishes.  Ask them to vote against leaving the EU. This is the last chance we have to come together and stop the damage to our childrens’ lives for generations to come.

Click to find out your MP’s contact details based on your postcode.

Please, everyone, Remainers and enlightened Brexiters alike, write to your MP – this is our last chance; seize it.