The paint has hardly dried on the raspivid solution for unbuffered macro-block streaming before a conversation on the Raspberry Pi forums yielded the way to get picamera to stream the video macro-block without buffering by explicitly opening an unbuffered output file rather than leaving it to picamera to second guess what’s needed.

Cutting to the chase, here’s the result.

Down-facing RaspiCam stabilized Zoe flight from Andy Baker on Vimeo.

Yes she drifted forward into the football goal over the course of the 20 seconds,  but that’s 4 times longer to drift that far so frankly, I’m stunned how good the flight was!  I have ideas as to why, and these are my next post.

And the best bit? No damage was done to my son’s goal net!


Motion tracking is now working

Courtesy of a discussion with 6by9 on the Raspberry Pi forum, the motion tracking for Zoe is now working using raspivid which has an option to not buffer the macro-block output.  Here’s a plot of a passive flight where she moves forward and back (X) a couple of times, and then left and right (Y).

Macro-block vs accelerometer

Macro-block vs accelerometer

The plot clearly shows the macro-blocks and accelerometer X and Y readings are in sync (if not quite at the same scale), so tomorrow’s the day to set Zoe loose in the garden with the motors powered up – fingers crossed no cartwheels across the lawn this time!