The wheels on the Turtle go round and round, round and round, round and round…

OK, jumping the gun a little as actually it’s the motors which are now spinning; I haven’t attached the wheels yet. As a result the photo below is hard to actually believe the motors are spinning @ 1.8 degrees per second, but you can see from the power supply they are taking ~1.5A @ 3.3V doing something!!! I did a couple of speed tests yesterday, and I easily reduced the delay per step to 0.01s and without prints in the code, everything ran pretty quickly ~100 steps a second, or roughly 10cm/s or 0.36km/h. The motors are from here.

Circuit layout with steppers

LEDs swapped for ULN2801a + Steppers

The motors spinning

You can’t see the motors dancing, but you can see the current they are drawing

Now what? Well don’t hold your breath, as I need to wait for another paypacket to put in another order with Farnell, and then I’ll have a joystick to control the Turtle with. After that, another wait for another RPi to arrive to I can set the Turtle free, controlled by wireless and powered by it’s own 6.8AH Lithium Ion rechargeble battery, and once that’s done, the sky’s the limit (literally!). Excited? Me? You betcha!