I’m still working on Penelope in the background, primary on her physical frame legs and body – subtle but better in my opinion; lighter yet longer legs combined with a longer overlapping frame makes her lighter and yet more stable in flight and a better protection of winter weather conditions.

There are some refined code changes here too here.

With regard to the on-board camera to be added to her, currently this is stalled due to both servo accuracy and video live streaming to another RPi screen, specifically displaying the video live.  Until boredom overtakes frustration, progress will be slow!


Hermione’s and Zoe’s powerware

All of Hermione and Zoes’ powerware – battery, ESCs, motors and props come from a single supplier: Paul Maddock who runs based in Chester, UK where I used to live until 2010.  Over the years, he’s provided a great service, including a couple of specials for me, and so is definitely worth a mention.

Here’s the list of Hermione’s parts I have from him:

This is probably the best set of powerware possible, to match Hermione’s best frame possible.

I also got Zoe’s powerware and frame from there too, though annoyingly, her motors are no longer available:

Once more, THBAPSA.