You put your right prop on..

your right prop off.
on, off, on, off
and smash into a wall.
You do the hokey cokey and you turn around.
That’s what it’s all about!

Why do all my crashes break a right hand, ACW / CCW rotating prop?  I have so many spare lefts it’s getting embarrassing!

Though it wouldn’t help that sometime (I think yesterday) I fitted 10″ instead of my normal 11″ props to Phoebe’s left hand side.  Oopsy – it least that explains the increasing negative (ACW) rotation, eventually leading to the left wall collision.

On the plus side, with the correct props fitted on the left hand side, I got stability matching the take-off angle with the attitude only PIDs (i.e. completely as expected), and zero-drift once the motion PIDs were included too (again, completely as expected).  In other words, absolutely perfect…

…except for the fact she kept climbing; nevertheless still worth videoing.  Two reasons why I didn’t video the flights – they’re called Jacob and Milly; I’m the parent in charge until mid-afternoon so my time for test flights today is very limited!

So back to the Z-axis velocity PIDs, it seems.  I wonder whether the dlpf of 3 (44Hz, 4.9ms lag) could be the cause – either too high or too low – I can speculate on the cause of either way, so I’ll try both dlpf 4 (20Hz, 8.3ms lag) and dlpf 2 (90Hz and 3.0ms lag).



it could get even worse; I’ve just realized I may not have been 100% consistent about which side of the drone is the left and which is the right.  Front / back is easy due to the while / black legs respectively, but left / right depends on yours and / or the drones point of view.

Some panic code / hardware check seems I made the sensible decision to adopt the drone POV, but I simply cannot trust myself to have been consistent when matching roll PIDs to left / right blade that I got it right; and in fact if I got it wrong, it would definitely explain difficulties tuning yaw, as well as getting the right PIDs when testing diagonally.

So some double-check tuning for tomorrow, which usefully will allow me to tinker with the pitch / roll PID’s d gain in a less destructive manner!

On the plus side, it does mean I’ve got something to do tomorrow until the new motors arrive, and I can have a lot more confidence that when I do strap them on, they won’t be damaged!