Bloomberg HelloWorld

Bloomberg HelloWorld published their programme on English technology yesterday.

Zoe only appears at 2:18 for a fraction of a second, despite a 2 hour chat I had with these guys;  on the plus side, they did take my advice and visit the Cotswold Raspberry Jam where they found David Pride and his amazing creations – have a look at 7:25 onwards and again at 11:12.

Lost for words…

What do you say when the Bloomberrg HelloWorld team drop by, having just visited Pi Towers and Bletchley Park and on the way to meet James Dyson tomorrow?

Really nice bunch of people, now just hope they got something useful out of me.  I’ll find out in September.

Best bit for me though was after the interview bits, they dug out a DJI Phantom 4 – the first time I’ve seen a real quadcopter fly and it was awesome, and inspirational too.  I just have to work out why mine aren’t anything like as good.  I suspect GPS is the key – I think I’d better give it a second look.