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I have a range of WiFi dongles I use with my various RPi projects, which I thought I’d share as my choices have evolved as my requirements got more refined.

First off is the Edimax Nano dongle – an absolute cracker – tiny, yet supports soft AP (WAP).  The only reason I moved on from here is the drone needs 360 degrees line of sight meaning I wanted a dongle with antenna to achieve better reach and signal strength.

That led me to these Edimax EW-7612UAn V2 dongles.  They support soft AP (WAP) although I didn’t have that requirement yet.  They worked great, until I realized that when in flight, even with the antenna, the signal would be poor due to its position on the drone blocking line of sight to the controller.  It also suffered during the couple of gravel crashes the drone took.  So I needed a detachable antenna that I could attach between the drones legs.

Which brought me to the EDUP range – my first purchase was the EP-MS150N.  A cracking dongle with a small body, small USB connector, 150m range and detatchable antenna allowing for a separate wired antenna.  Lovely jubbly – except they seemed to vanish from Amazon and ebay shortly after I found them (partly my fault), and they don’t support soft AP / WAP.  So when I came to setting up my test WAP, these didn’t work.

On the plus side that did lead me to the EDUP site and to the EP-MS15003 – a cracking dongle – like the MS150N but double the range and with soft AP support.  But unavailable outside of China / HongKong – shame.

Which finally led me to the EDUP EP-MS1537 – also 300m range, soft AP support, and available on ebay (from HongKong), so I ordered a couple and they’re on there way now  from China.

But I’m impatient, and liked the white colouring of the EP-MS15003, it’s smaller size and cropped USB plug, so carried on grubbing around on google and found these guys in Hong Kong stocking the EP-MS15003, and offering DHL delivery at a sensible price meaning delivery within a week rather than a month.  Sorted!

One week later, it’s arrived and installed and running the drone WAP like a dream.

P.S. All the above dongles use the Realtek chipset, so, where soft AP is supported, can be used as a WAP using these instructions if you need a bridge to the internet, or mine, if you want your WAP to be in a completely isolated secure network like I want for the drone.

9 thoughts on “Super duper WiFi dongles

  1. Hey I am trying to transmit a video file which is upto 25-30 Mb in size wirelessly in real time using EP-MS1537 module. Is it possible? I mean what are the things that I need to keep in consideration. Please reply!!!

    • I don’t live stream video over WiFi, but here’s my thoughts:

      The size of the file doesn’t matter – it’s the frame rate and frame size that matters. How long does it take to shoot your 25 – 30 Mb video file? That’ll give you the data rate you need.

      The EP-MS1537 supports up to 300Mbps or 37.5MBps.

      If the data rate of your film is less than the data rate of the EP-MS1537, then it’s possible.

      I can’t help you with how to do the streaming as I don’t do it.

      • Okey, so you have not worked with live streaming but anyways thanks for other information that you have been kind with and for responding!

        • I have a couple of EDUP EP-MS1537 now with me.Initially when I tried to run it on ubuntu, I found it very difficult to set up.However setting up on windows was cakewalk.Now that I have both hardware and software running on two separate hosts, can i use them to create a network of my own and transmit files from one host to another wirelessly.
          Can you reply, please!!!

  2. Hey, it’s not 150 m/300m but 150/300 Mbps throughput (speed, bandwidth). The range is usually much lower for WiFi networks. Anyway, thanks for the info!

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