My RPi desktop

My RPi desktop

Here’s the places where I get almost all my stuff from, in no particular order…

  • Farnell – 4 of my 6 RPis are from here / Element14 plus all of my mainstream components. For the more left-field bits…
  • ModMyPi – lots of RPi goodies – take a look of the Ninja PiBow. Talking of which…
  • PiBow – still the best case in town!
  • Phenoptix – Laser cutting, and loads of useful sensors / components too run by Ben & Dan
  • proto-pic – my stepper motors for the Turtle, sensors and useful wiring and connectors
  • oomlout – subtley different range to proto-pic; if one doesn’t have it, the other may well

Most of the other bits and pieces are from Amazon.  My primary purchasing decision was they worked with the RPi (I’ve sent several other things back because they didn’t).  The  secondary, if you can’t guess, is they are small and cheap as possible, but fully functional, and looking cool (or impossible to see!)

Finally, my one treat from elsewhere as I lovely my music hardware, to the extent of building it in the past (speakers and amps primarily):

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