Still life in her yet!

Took a short break from the laundry and hoovering to test some PID tuning thoughts I’d had – and do you what – best 3 flights she’s ever done – consistently stable at 1 meter height – slight rearwards drift – consistent across all 3 flights – so probably still need to refine my accelerometer calibration further, but still improved to the extent that when she drifted towards me, I didn’t have to panic – she landed a foot away, and I think for the first time ever, I wasn’t scared when she got that close! She was in complete control! To be honest, I’m delighted.

Now all I need to lay my hands on is someone with a walk in fridge and a sauna, so I can get much more stable temperatures with a wider span for the calibration!

And then I can trust her for horizontal movement flight plans as well as just the vertical ones – and from there flying round in circles. Net – Phoebe has life in her yet without the need for extra sensors or motion flow.

P.S. Sorry Phil, I hadn’t intended to post my e-mail to you but as sent it, I realized there was some value in public publication.

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