Status update

I’ve just managed to squeeze in a couple of test flights before the rain came in, and something is messing up the germs fusion code; noise from the props caught by the accelerometer is my best guess. ¬†I’ll keep tinkering so see whether I can improve this; I’m fairly sure the theory is good, but the reality is swamped by noise.

Just in case the theory is flawed, I’ve uploaded the code to GitHub – just search for germs – it’s commented out so this code is still flyable. ¬†Feedback welcome via comments to this post.

In passing, this update includes a minor fix to the RTF timing, and some tweaks to the diagnotics to keeps the separation between screen and logs clearer.

Finally, I can confirm the 4S cell battery works much better, though I do wonder whether the extra power from the motors has actually increased the noise due to the extra torque making the prop motion more jittery as it steps between motor coils – the motors are able to curtail angular momentum of the props better, pulling them back from overshoot?


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