I’ve spent a lot of the last weak swearing while I try to bring Phoebe back to life. If I’d put 5 quid (“Squid” – geddit) in my swear box over the last week, I’d be a millionaire now.  But the physical costs are more that the swearing: so far, an A+, 8 ESCs, and an SD card have all died in the process of bringing Phoebe back from the dead.  And yet she’s refusing to work:



She flew once in “Octopus” format, rocketing up into the air at several meters per second before dropping like a rock once I killed the flight.  This was probably a symptom not the cause of the subsequent problems: if I plug the battery in while she’s like this, everything works fine – critically I can see the IMU, Barometer and URF over I2C at 400kbps.  As soon as I pop the other half of the frame on top, and plug in the motors, I2C dies and she can’t read her sensors.

For the moment, I have no choice but to keep swearing and trying to work out what’s wrong.

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    • Not sure if I tried that option, but this morning I tried the motors without the top, and it worked. And now, I’ve just found the final nail in the coffin: with the A+ even if I can see the sensors, the I2C errors are back, meaning I can’t use the IMU FIFO, meaning Phoebe has to go back to use the data ready interrupt, which means she can’t periodically check other sensors without missing the IMU sensor readings. I’ve never tracked down the I2C data errors – could be the A+ @ 400kbps baudrate, could be my PCB, though neither seem very likely to me. I’ve just posted the fallout from this.

        • Thinks move quickly at my end: I quickly assembled a brand-new Zoe PCB and plugged that into Phoebe; no I2C errors and IMU FIFO code worked perfectly. So it’s the breadboard-like PCB I’m using with the A+’s that’s causing the problems. I have one last new sensor so I’m putting together a specific PCB for the A+ similar to Zoe’s PCB. Fingers crossed the direct tracks etc will take the I2C problems away for Phoebe too.

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