Sober as a judge.

Phoebe is no longer legless:

Phoebe's new legs

Phoebe’s new legs

Finally found legs I like – strong, flexible, and anchored securely to the frame without risking damaging it. Search e-bay for Tarot TL2749-02 for the brackets which are the critical bits. The legs and feet are available from Tarot too, but others are available – they just need to have clips for 8mm CF rods at the bottom and 10mm clips at the top which attach to the brackets.

The only problem with these and all other legs is that with any drift, then Phoebe trips over her toes on landing – the few flights I tested these this morning, I killed the flight just as she was a centimetre or two off the ground so when she tripped, her props were not powered up.

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