Report on the Zoe at the Cotswold Jam

Zoe did her stuff at the Cotswold Jam reasonably well, but she consistently drifted to starboard (right), even when I was safety testing her outside before hand at a much lower temperature.

The previous day, I’d also safety tested her indoors and she drift consistently backwards are about the same speed.

The setup and software for the two days was the same, except I’d removed the props for transit to the jam.

Could the difference in drift direction simply be the props?   Had I rebuilt her at the jam with one diagonal pair of the props swapped compared to previously?  That could account for the 90° change of drift.  Certainly the change in drift does point heavily at the props.  The props are plastic and they bend easily and permanently.  So I now have some sturdy CF props on the way which I hope will limit the drift in time for my work engineering conference at the end of the week.

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