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I’d run out of ideas of what to do next, and then it struck me: I could finally add an RC, and with just a few seconds’ thought, I realised it would be reletively simple.

Back at the end of 2013, about a year into my piDrone project, I’d clearly considered this – and yes, that is a Raspberry Pi 1A!!!

Remote Control Prototype

Remote Control Prototype

I’m guessing this was the point I realised I was way too ignorant, and realised autonomous control was easier, ironically.  I still have these I2C Grayhill 67A joysticks, and now RC control is much easier to add safely – it’s just another poll.poll() input to the Autopilot process like the Sweep- and GPS-flight plan inputs are now.  And this is perfect for Penelope.  Hermione will remain the OTT autonomous control, and ‘P’ will have some degree of manual control.  And in a way, this is much like my DJI Mavic – it hands control to the human only when it is safe to do so.

The RC will be based on the new RPI B3+ with it’s improved WiFi.  I’ve already done a prototype of how the joysticks attach to a Pimoroni PiBow Ninja body.

Pibow Joysticks

Pibow Joysticks

And actually, that feeds into the GPS fusion with the IMU ∑∑(acceleration – gravity)δtδt, and LiDARs distance inputs when the LiDARs are out of range.  I’m a lot more comfortable testing it this way rather than flying her over a lake!

My lord, I have a cunning plan!

P.S. I’m calling the RC “Phoebe”, who alongside Penelope make up team “Pi²”.

P.P.S. In one of those convenient coincidences, my one unknown was how to power Phoebe.  Then this appeared via Twitter.  I hope they do another production run.  It’s these synchronised occurrences that force you to consider whether there is a higher being playing chess with one’s life!

P.P.P.S. Changed my mind: the RC is called “Ivy” and together with “Penelope”, they make the “PI” team!

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