Refining Zoe, Reinstating Penelope, Retiring Hermione

The Garmin LiDAR Lite v3HP has arrived from RobotShop.

Garmin LiDAR-Lite v3HP

Garmin LiDAR-Lite v3HP

Strictly speaking, I don’t need it for Zoe nor Hermione, the previous version works well, but there are some benefits of the latest version:

  • it’s smaller, so sits under Zoe without the LiDAR virtually touching the ground
  • its data ready interrupt now works with Rapsberry Pi GPIO
  • it’s compatible with the Linux Stretch variant of the I²C protocol.

The latter means I can finally finish Penelope; I’ll be blogging on it as it progresses.

For Zoe, I’m doing various refinement, including a PCB to incorporate the new LiDAR.  I’ve also made a custom case foam for her; my plan here is I can show her off at events like the Cotswold Raspberry Jam.

Zoe's custom case

Zoe’s custom case

Hermione on the other hand has now become an art-statue only; the only physical difference between her and Penelope is the Scanse Sweep whose creators have just shut down hence no link to their site! I don’t want to further develop object avoidance to the extent of maze tracking when there are no spares available to allow for the inevitable crashes!  She is a very pretty statue though, isn’t she!

Hermione statue

Hermione statue

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