RC hardware complete…

courtesy of lots of extra layers of the Pimoroni PiBow Ninja.  They also did a couple of custom cuts for Penelope’s PiBow so I could lower her by 2 layers (6mm) making space to include the battery warmer.  Penelope is however still waiting for the Garmin LiDAR-Lite v3HP.

RC hardware

RC hardware

I wish I could say the same about the software.  The problem is how to access these I2C Hall Effect Joysticks.  Although “i2cdetect -y 1” can see them, none of three different I2C python libraries (smbus, smbus2 and pigpio) can read the data correctly from them.  The problem is that the joysticks’ I2C does not need a register, you simply read two bytes from the I2C address, yet none of these libraries successfully doing this.  A google query found my own post high in the rankings which is disappointing when hoping to find someone else’s solution, so I’ve contract Grayhill directly.

Until this is solved, there’s little point adding the code to connect to Penelope (and for her to be listening), nor having Ivy load the code on boot.  Very frustrating.

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