Raspberry Pi B+ launched

In stock now at CPC / Farnell / RS

Cases from Pimoroni.

I already have both on order.  For me the advantages are

  • 4 USB ports – no need for a USB hub for keyboard, mouse, WiFi dongle + A.N.Other
  • reduced power usage
  • all GPIO pins now exposed
  • Better audio quality and 4-point jack for compsite video
  • Better connector layout
  • micro-SD card, so no sticky-outy bits

First thing I’ll be doing is replacing my GeneralPi and disposing of the USB hub – a much tidier desktop with fewer wires.

2 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi B+ launched

    • Just weighed a spare model B on the kitchen scales – it also came in at 44g with 3 tiny heatsinks attached.

      I don’t have any model A’s loose, but I imagine loss of 3 USB ports + ethernet + driver chip knocks off 10 grams? I took off the audio and composite video connector off my model A to reduce height / weight further.

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