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Cotswold Jam and Cambridge Robot Wars

Unless I manage to break Phoebe before December, I intend to take her to the Cotswold Jam in September (where I’m one of the founders / organisers) and the Cambridge PiWars in December.

The code I’ll be running there will most like what I uploaded to GitHub yesterday.

Until then?

Over the next couple of months, I’ll probably just enjoy flying Phoebe and Chloe, and perhaps treat them to some new batteries – primarily so the colours match the rest of their frames!

I might add an angular (rather than motion) control version so I can show the difference in behaviours at the Jams.

Otherwise I’ll try to keep my tinkering to PID tuning unless the A2 appears leaving me enough spare CPU’s to play more with threading (QCISRFIFO.py), Kitty and Kitty++.

What I won’t be doing

I won’t be adding a human into the feedback loop – no remote control – sorry to those of you who have nagged me to do this.

I also won’t be blogging as much as I’ll have less to blog about, other than flight videos.  Also it’s clear from the blog stats people are starting to get bored…

Blog bandwidth usage

The underlying decline actually started in February but hidden behind the Build Your Own Automomous Quadcopter – Bill of Materials, Assembly and Testing (BYOAQ-BAT) articles in February, and the fact PC World included me in their 10 insanely innovative, incredibly cool Raspberry Pi projects article in March.

Blog bandwidth

Blog bandwidth

So I think for a while it’s TTFN but no doubt I’ll be back.

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