Phoebe’s “Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents P1$$ Poor Performance” as my german teacher used to say 30 years ago.  So I’ve been doing periodic testing in preparation for safety approval on Wednesday to fly at the Cotswold Jam on the 29th.

This morning, I realised there was once further micro tweak I could do which might have a significant effect.  What do you think?

PPPPPPPP from Andy Baker on Vimeo.

This is a 12s flights (3, 6 and 3s at ascent @ 30cm/s, hover and descent @ 30cm/s).  To put this in context, previous good flights I videoed have lasted for less than half this.  The tweak was simply to change the initialisation code measuring the angle of takeoff.  The drift is more than it would be indoors as there was a breeze.

The code ‘s up on GitHub.

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