My piPad is finished and WAPping nicely with Phoebe.

piPad and Phoebe WAPping

piPad and Phoebe WAPping

piPad and Florence

piPad and Florence

Loving the raspberry coloured keys.  One last problem: I can’t find Florence’ colon* 😉  It does make editing in vim quite hard.

A few notes:

  • powered by a 5V 2.1 LiPo battery bank
  • video cards and RPi independently powered by the bank via a USB cable splitter – powering the Pi via the video cards GPIO’s or Vout USB A socket leads to reduced voltage for the Pi (rainbow square in top right of the screen is the ‘underpowered’ warning
  • florence is a good as she can be but she lacks the finer touches shown on other linux implementations – I presume due to GPU capability for rendering opaqueness / transparency – the default Raspiand distribution upgrade from Wheezy (version 0.5.1-1) to Jessie (version 0.6.2-2) will hopefully help when that happens.
  • florence also doesn’t not have access to a font with the right symbolic characters so her special keys are blank – not the end of the world, just less pretty
  • Once she’s scaled to a size suitable for the 7″ DSI Raspberry Pi screen, I needed to use a stylus even though I have tiny fingers.

She’s met her requirement to control Phoebe in flights so I can follow my purity desire and use the piPad instead of my iPad to control Phoebe’s flights.  That’s how I’ll be doing it at the next Cotswold Jam.

*No seriously, can you see a colon on the keyboard? It sometimes appears with a set of keystokes I’ve not yet tracked down, but mostly it just vanishes down a black hole.

P.S. Found it – right-shift + ‘;’ what made it hard for me was that neither left-shift nor caps-lock revealed the colon, only right-shift does it.

3 thoughts on “piPad

  1. Hi Hove,
    I really do not know if this is the right post to comment, but pardon me.

    I got your site link via Raspberry pi the complete manual, going through Raspberry pi powered quodcopter.

    The project really got me saying wow. My aim of writing is to ask if you could point me to a kit that will help me kickstart my own quodcopter project.

    I intend to use Raspberry pi 2 model B, but considering control board do you think the newly released Sense Hat from Raspberry pi capable of taking care of such task?

    Looking forward to reading from you.

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