piDrone + piRC interaction

I was considering adding the remote controller WiFi connection into the autopilot, but now I’m against it, simply because it’s easier to plug it directly into the Motion process.  Ultimately Autopilot  / Sweep will still play a role, protect again “object collision”, but initially at least, they won’t be implemented.

                |  RC |······
                +—————+     ·
+—————+                     ·
|Sweep|———>———+             · 
+—————+       |             ·
        +—————+———+     +———·——+
        +—————+———+     +———+——+
+———+         |             |
|GPS|————>————+             |
+———+                       |
                +—————+     |

The testing code for piDrone ⇔ piRC WiFi interactions is well underway, only hindered by the dither making the decision above, and the ever-slipping release of the Garmin LiDAR-Lite v3HP.  Oh, and my kids are on Easter school holidays and we’re going to my parents, so no updates until Friday at the earlier!

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