PiCam case

I’ve bought a PiCam case to protect the delicate cable and electronics the other day. ┬áI fiddled and faffed to get the camera in safely and securely without damaging the cable or camera itself, and then finally realized that it was really simple and elegant once you know how.

There are two things you need to know: firstly there is some flexibility in the case; be gentle but it does bend; secondly, there are two slots in the back piece which the board clips into perfectly – this is the bit I missed at first.

Don’t faff like I did trying to ensure the camera poked through the hole in the front while attaching the back – that’s completely the wrong way round. ┬áInstead, clip the board into the slots in the back, feeding the cable under the tiny slot in the base; once the board and cable are safely secured like this, just clip the front on and Bob’s your Mo’s Bro!

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