Phoebe’s perceived flight path

Top down view from above the lawn.

Phoebe's perceived flight path

Phoebe’s perceived flight path

She thinks she drifted consistently to the right by 0.6m and backwards by 0.35m before recovering back to 0m.

My view of the flight

My view of the flight

But that’s not how I saw it!  I’m sure she drifted slowly towards me – in fact, a lot like if I flipped the graph thus →

So I need to do one or more of the following…

  • static sensor tuning as well as the dynamic she does per flight to correct her perception
  • find the bug in the diagnostics which swapped the X and Y axis
  • find the bug in the code which flipped the X and Y axes.

Not sure which yet – I think I need to watch a few more test flights to be really confident of the difference between mine and Phoebe’s point of view.


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