She exists for two purposes only:

  • produce a system overcoming the I²C and network changes in Jessie / Stretch after March 2017
  • use up the reams of the new spare parts acquired over the years of drone development.

It’s been more expensive in time and money than I’d hoped, primarily because of the cost and delayed shipping of the Garmin LiDAR-Lite v3HP.

I’m only showing a stable hover as that is infinitely harder than anything else:  accelerometer noise and drift over temperature and time, integrated for velocity and again for distance means that after a few seconds, errors in the integrated velocity and distance are very wrong and increasing rapidly, and only the extra sensors of ground-facing LiDAR and video constrain this increasing drift errors.

She weighs 4.1kg which is more than I’d like due to battery usage, but the only over-heavy bits are the black Lacrosse-ball feet at 0.6kg for the four – this makes her only a few grams lighter than Hermione.

All she’s missing compared to Hermione is the obstacle-avoidance due to the fact the KickStarter Scanse Sweep team have shut down.  Given the obstacle-avoidance concept has been proven, I’m not out to find an equivalent.

Barring an Archimedes “Eureka!” bath moment, this is genuinely the end-of-the-line for my RPi piDrones.

The code has been updated on GitHub as a result.

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