Penelope, Percy and Pat.

When I was at the latest Cotswold Jam, one of the regulars suggested adding a camera to one of my piDrones to video its flight firsthand; that planted a seed which blossomed overnight:

  • Set up a live video stream from a RPi0W attached to one of my piDrones, the output of which is sent over WiFi to a RPi3+ RC touch-screen and display the video on a screen app there
  • Add on-screen pseudo-buttons to the RPi3+ RC touch-screen and use those to record the video to disk if specified
  • Add 2 on-screen pseudo-joysticks on the RPI3+ touch-screen RC, sending it to the piDrone, much like the physical joysticks do now
  • Finally, add IMU / servos hardware / software to keep the camera stable when it’s attached to a flying piDrone – trivial compared to the items above.

I’m completely ignorant how to implement all but the last item, much like the challenge to build the piDrones 6 years ago and hence that’s a fab challenge!  And in comparison to the piDrone itself, it’ll be cheap:  the parts either I already own, or are cheap to buy.  And I like the fact it gives a unique role for Penelope – currently she’s just Hermione without the object avoidance.

First job though is to name the Raspberry Pi’s:


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