Passive RC + piDrone passed

RC control

RC control

Here’s what’s shown here:

  • Until the RC and piDrone connect, the piDrone does nothing; this is not on the graph.
  • When the piDrone sends a message to RC saying it’s ready, the flight control starts
  • Initially, it does nothing until the RC messages the piDrone a special command to take-off; the take off is automatic, the joysticks has not control this once striggered.
  • Once the 3s automated takeoff completes (about 16 – 19 seconds in the graph), the RC has full control again, and you can see me tweaking the real joystick actions up to the 46 second point.
  • At that point, another special message from the RC to piDrone sets it to descend; again once descending, the joysticks has no influence until landed.
  • In this case, I didn’t use the RC to trigger the take-off again; instead I then got the RC to trigger a stop to the flight at about 60s.

Next is to try it live, ideally on Zoe as the smallest, lighted, and strongest…

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