Passion Flower

Zoë’s always my simplest and the best looking.

While Hermione and Penelope both have lids (custom cropped 50mm dome and cropped salad bowl respectively), Zoë and her predecessors never have.  This has now been fixed.  And finally, this is more DIY.  Starting with clear acrylic (perspex) domes and tubes (10cm in diameter and lengths), these are stuck together (fused effectively), sawed in half, filed and painted.  I made a prototype and final version that I prefer to prototype due to the unexpected slope of the frame.

At the same time, I’ve been enhancing her O/S to Stretch, and adding the Garmin LiDAR-Lite v3HP – a requirement to use Stretch I2C implementation – but also thinner so a little more protected on landing.

I’ve been refining the hardware, both with the PCB to accommodate the GLLv3HP effectively and an updated 2A voltage regulator, combined with ESC wiring shortened so they fit snugly inside the frame, both for safety and prettiness value.

Finally, I’ve been refining the code at the I2C level to make it as efficient as possible; Zoë is running on the brink of working due to the single CPU Pi0W.

Here’s the result:

She looks unstable.  She’s top heavy and hence very sensitive to the slightest breezes.  I may put more effort into tuning, but since her priority is for indoors, I’ll test that first.

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