Park life

Hermione and I went to the play park to test the GPS against a preconfigured 5m square flight.

Video isn’t so great due to looking directly into the low midday sun.  Only real thing of note was that despite the grass having been recently mown (and hence featureless), Hermione did the square beautifully, landing just a few centimetres from where she took off.

More interesting to me was that the ublox NEO-M8T ran through the flight and produced this:

NEO-M8T live tracking

NEO-M8T live tracking

This is well within the bounds of GPS accuracy needed for flight control even though the number of satellites was only 8 at best; 2 samples showed 7 in the 121s flight.

It’s 2pm now and the sun is already setting, but from the above results, I have no choice tomorrow but to do a complete GPS driven flight i.e. a flight which tracks through a set of predefined waypoints.

P.S. I forgot to mention Hermione was pointing roughly south on take off.

P.P.S. It’s now “tomorrow” I referred to above, and the breeze has increased to about 15mph; this is fine in a sheltered area like my garden or drive, but not in the exposed park area required for the GPS tracking flight; also, it’s sub-zero outside, and although the batteries have heaters to keep their chemical ions flowing freely, I don’t.  Testing will resume when the breeze drops and the temperature rises.

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