“Hmm, that’s interesting but…”

“but what?” (sorry, too much Matrix recently – there is a contextual link though)

Here’s the plot from the same test run, but this time with accelerometer data aligned with Phoebe’s axes – virtually raw from the sensors rather than converted to earth coordinates.

Phoebe axis accelerometer

Phoebe axis accelerometer

If you compare it to the plot from the previous post, there are similarities in the X and Z axes: Phoebe climbs to roughly 1m and drifts in the X direction by a meter showing signs of drift correction in action; but from Phoebe’s Y axis point of view, she drifted nearly 5 meters towards the wall she ended up hitting, and yet there’s no sign of that in the Earth coordinate plot from earlier.

Given the difference between these readings is just the coordinate conversion matrix (see, told you so), it seems I definitely have a bug there in the Y axis conversion!

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