One dream sleep later…

…and I have a speculative cause for Chloe’s LEDDAR loss of modbus communication.  Spoiler: there’s a video at the end.

It always happened after a step change in the flight plan, either to-takeoff or hover; are these causing power spike(s) which cause a LEDDAR reboot?  So I looked at the stats.  Acceleration was very spiky throughout, looking like the 13″ wide, 5.5 pitch (1355 or 13/5.5) props were actually over-compensating, over-and under-shooting for each motion processing – see graph, and count the peaks and troughs – about 100 per second as expected; pretty good confirmation of the speculation.

Overpowered props

Overpowered props

Clearly PID tuning was needed, unless…perhaps Chloe was still tuned for the expensive T-motor 12/4.0 props.  A quick swap and flight later, and the noise was down in the stats, and more importantly, the LEDDAR communications wasn’t lost.

And the consistent drift to the left?  I woke up wondering what the flight plan said, and sure enough, she was supposed to drift left.  Oops, pilot error!

Chloe + LEDDAR from Andy Baker on Vimeo.

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