OK, that’s better

Same 2m square flight, 10 satellites detected throughout, square direction is roughly SE → NE → NW → SW:

GPS square tracking

GPS square tracking

If you ignore any horizontal and vertical lines, what’s left are diagonals pointing SE, NE, NW and SW matching reality.  So net, the real directional / locations are there, but so’s a variable inaccuracy of a few meters.  That means that GPS tracking should be possible, but the flight target distance needs to be longer (i.e. a 10m square in order to fly the square based on it’s 4 GPS waypoint corners)  and there needs to be some softening in the changes in GPS locations before they are passed to the motion processor as the direction to fly.

Just in passing, the compass / magnetometer showed takeoff at 160° which is a lot more SSE or S than the GPS SE – there’s clearly more work I need to do on compass calibrations as there’s only a degree or so here between true and magnetic north.

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