Oh, FFS, gimme a break.

After some minor code changes yesterday, there was a radical change in Phoebe’s behaviour – either she wouldn’t even start up her props, or she’d leap into the air as fast as she could.

After much racking of brains (not much there to rack), and pulling out of hair (none whatsoever of that to pull out), I found the problem and for once it wasn’t my fault!  The accelerometer was putting out 1.999999 as the measure of gravity.  Somehow the scale was wrong, but I’d not been anywhere near that code.

I swapped the sensor for my only spare this morning and all is well.  But that means I now only have one trustworthy sensor, and no way to get another in time for the CamJam.  I hope it holds out until then.

4 thoughts on “Oh, FFS, gimme a break.

  1. Continue with the great work, your article in MagPi inspired my friends and I to build a hexacopter based on Raspberry Pi for a contest in March, for time (and several other details that you know) we could not finish the aircraft, but we started to think in a start-up of UAVs based on Raspberry Pi, from since we worked on several topics (UAV control is one) and we start to see some results from a days ago (technically and socially), be sure that there’s someone from Mexico that sees your blog and shares your worries and work.

  2. Just seen a video in Maplin showing the setting up and flight of a DJI Phantom. The calibration seemed much simpler then what you have been working on. Something like:
    Step 1 – switch on and calibrate stationary
    Step 2 – rotate about Z axis 360 degrees
    Step 3 – rotate about X or Y (not sure which), 360 degrees
    Step 4 – ready to fly.
    OK, so it’s controlled by a joystick system, but still might be worth looking into.

    • That does make sense for a joystick ‘copter, and only recently I realized I’d got through that stage with a angle + stability PID. But that doesn’t deal with drift in an an autonomous quad, and that’s where I am now. Still, at least I know some this the things I’ve done in the past were on the right track, thanks!

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