Oh, feck!

Something has gone horribly wrong with Zoë.  I can only get one run from her; a second time results in completely duff sensor readings.  A power-reboot allows one more run and then the same happens again.  Any level of the code dating back months shows the same problem.  That suggests sensor damage.  She did take a major crash on her last flight with unknown cause – perhaps that was symptomic of the sensor damage or perhaps the cause?

So it’s RIP Zoë, Chloë and Phoebe for now as I’m out of MPU-6050’s.

Annoying because I’d just recalibrated yesterday, and wanted to test it in today’s good weather along with a set of changed butterworth filter configuration.

On the plus side, it’s now full speed ahead for HoG – first stop is to get some paper so I can print out the MPU-9250 specs and update the code.

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